20’s Plenty for Chester and Richmond Groups Win 20mph Campaign Awards

20’s Plenty for Chester and Richmond groups have both won National 20’s Plenty Campaign Awards for 2019. Each did exceptional voluntary work with perseverance and success.

Wyn Holroyd from 20’s Plenty for Chester and Monica Saunders from 20’s Plenty for Richmond accepted their group’s awards at the 10th National 20’s Plenty conference in Waltham Forest on 31st October from Matthew Baldwin, the EU’s European Coordinator for Road Safety and Sustainable Mobility.

Wyn Holroyd and Cathey Harrington, joint leaders of 20’s Plenty for Chester said “We are delighted to receive this recognition. Chester is very fortunate that we have a local authority (Cheshire West & Chester) & Police and Crime Commissioner who are now very supportive of 20mph - although this was not always the case!”

They held a long campaign over many years despite little empathy from the previous administration. Clever activist tactics included placing 20mph myth busters on all full Council meeting seats. A strong case was made when there was change in political control and wide-area 20mph was adopted and funded with £800k. The next goal for the 20’s Plenty for Chester is city wide 20mph default – all roads in the urban environment.

Richmond 20’s Plenty helped persuade all local parties to include 20mph in their manifestos which is now borough policy except for a few A roads[1]. Volunteers from many local organisations contributed. Activists are now involved with organising community speedwatch (Road Watch) to support compliance with new limits.


The Richmond group said “After years the breakthrough was when the new administration agreed to consult borough wide in late 2018.  We ensured that we engaged people that might not have responded to an online consultation e.g. older residents, by running street stalls with paper copies. Plus with parents outside primary schools where there were very high levels of support.  We sought cross party support for 20mph by talking to local politicians from all parties most of whom came to see the merit of default 20mph speed limits. Special thanks go to Cllr Alex Ehmann for his collaborative approach, Jeremy Leach for his direction and all who helped to bring the successful outcome.”

Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager for 20’s Plenty for Us said :- Our winners are campaign groups who have consistently worked exceptionally hard to enable Councillors to see the benefits and community support for 20mph limits. They have had a huge effect on hundreds of roads and the quality of life of residents and visitors. We don’t know who was prevented from being injured but for everyone their places will be better places to be. We salute them.

Contact: [email protected] 01244 340790/01244 347280. 20’s Plenty for Richmond tweet as @20sPlentyLBRich Email: [email protected]


[1] excluding TfL red routes, parts of the A305, A308 & A310 https://www.richmond.gov.uk/council/news/press_office/older_news/press_releases_october_2019/20_mph_rollout_continues_at_pace


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