20's Plenty for Healthier Places

The 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference will be on Weds 8th March 2017 in Birmingham, near New Street station in the Council’s banqueting suite. Experts on speed reduction will cover health-themed best practice, innovation, research, policy and cost effectiveness. Please save the date, list it in your listings and invite Councillors and Public Health Directors.

The National 20mph conference, now in its 8th year, will be hosted at Birmingham City Council’s Banqueting suite on Wednesday 8th March.  It focuses on why and how best to implement and educate drivers on 20mph limits to make a healthier public realm that feels safer, cleaner and friendlier for all.  20mph limits are proven for public health and are better for the environment by improving air quality. Limits without humps are very popular, do not significantly change journey times and boost the local economy by improving footfall.


Presentations include knowledgeable speakers on

  • An update on the Atkins DfT National report on 20mph limits (tbc)
  • 20’s Plenty for Villages too - Rod King MBE, Director of 20’s Plenty for Us
  • Results from 20mph limit places including Paul Butcher, Director of Public Health for Calderdale
  • Birmingham’s Cabinet Member for Transport, Cllr Stewart Stacey
  • Birmingham’s Ambulance and Emergency Services
  • Speed management, cameras and enforcement - Jenoptik
  • “Repeaters now optional!” How the latest regs allow greater flexibility and increased benefit/cost ratios on 20mph implementations. – Anna Semlyen, 20’s Plenty National Campaign Manager


The exciting programme will be regularly updated at http://www.20splenty.org/2017_20s_plenty_conf


Landor LINKS are running the conference, with 20’s Plenty for Us booking and organising speakers.  The venue is provided by Birmingham Council. It is sponsored by Janoptics. Please list it in your events list.


Campaigners are specifically asked to write to Councillors and Directors of Public Health, with a Happy New Year message.

“Dear ….

Happy New Year.   Most people aim to get fitter and healthier in their New Year’s resolutions. 20’s Plenty for <<yourplace>> asks you to help them improve the health of our streets with 20mph limits.  Slower speeds are proven to reduce casualties by 20%. They also help people to get more active and improve air quality (reducing diesel emissions of NOx and PM10s equivalent of taking half the petrol cars off the road). Wide area 20mph limits reduce traffic, halve noise levels, reduce social isolation and are child, disability and dementia friendly.  20mph without humps is popular with 75%.  NICE recommend 20mph limits for reducing obesity, air quality, preventing unintentional injuries and reducing early deaths. Please let me know if you or your staff can attend the 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference on 8th March in Birmingham to learn best practice. http://www.20splenty.org/2017_20s_plenty_conf


If you’d like more information on presentations, sponsors or campaigner rates please contact [email protected]

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