Stickers and Campaign Materials

We have a number of stickers and materials available for campaigners.


These are great ways to make you campaign noticeable in your neighbourhood. We have them for wheelie bins, cars, windows and bicycles. We keep the price low and if you want 10 or more then we will provide them at a discount. 

Please note that all prices for postage and packing are for destinations in the United Kingdom. We are quite happy to ship to other countries, but this may incur an additional postage cost. Please email us to enquire of the cost.


Wheelie Bins are 35cm x 25cm in size and look really effective when all the residents in a street use them for their bins. They really show the community commitment to lower speeds. Wheelie bin stickers are priced at £1.00 each plus post and packing. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. Purchase Wheelie Bin Stickers.


We also have window and bumper stickers. These are 200mm wide by 70mm deep. These are priced at 50p each plus post and packing. Bike stickers are smaller at 100mm x 35mm and cost 30p each. Purchase window stickers, bumper stickers or bike stickers.



Local 20's Plenty or Love 30 (in kmh) groups may also use our graphics and logos as below :-

 20mph_coloured.jpg  30kmh_coloured.jpg

On most browsers you can right-click on the image to copy it.

Email us if you would like hi-res versions of these.



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