Norwich and West Dunbartonshire Councils vote for Default 20mph

Norwich and West Dunbartonshire Councils have voted for a 20mph default speed limit. 20’s Plenty for Us is delighted to add them to the growing list of 50+ places adopting 20mph. 20mph protects everyone from avoidable harm by reducing road risk and increasing air quality and exercise levels. 17m people live in places committed to 20mph. Continue reading

Manchester Found Casualties Falling in its 20mph Areas

Manchester reported on their first 20mph limits. It resolved to complete Phase 2 of the 20 mph programme, continue supporting phases 1 and 2 of the 20mph scheme and monitor and review data to increase its understanding. It incorrectly compared % falls for small number samples in already safer than average areas versus citywide.   Continue reading

World Health Organization Choose 20’s Plenty for Us to Work on a Slow Down Day Toolkit

The World Health Organization (WHO) have chosen 20’s Plenty for Us to write an action toolkit for the United Nations’ (UN) call for slower road speeds. Slow Down Days will run in mid May globally. This is a world class recognition of 20’s Plenty’s expertise in helping community volunteers with speed management activism. Continue reading

Call to Action: Join the Worldwide Community Push for Slower Speeds

The World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging people to take local action for the United Nations’ (UN) call for slower road speeds. Slow Down Days will run in mid May. These are street events by community volunteers wanting speed management.  Please run your own local event and work together to gain leverage globally!     Continue reading

Robert Molteno and Susie Morrow are recognised for 20mph limit campaigning in Wandsworth

Robert Molteno and Susie Morrow of 20’s Plenty for Wandsworth and Wandsworth Living Streets have won the 20’s Plenty for Us Campaigner of the Year Award.  We congratulate their skillful, consistent voluntary work to improve their streets. Continue reading

Healthy 20mph Conference in Birmingham Report

Healthy places was the theme of the 9th Annual 20mph Conference on 8th March in Birmingham. Making 20mph the normal speed limit goes beyond road safety to provide a better quality outdoor environment to built up areas.  Calmer traffic means less risk and pollution. Numerous wellness benefits follow as populations of whole towns begin to slightly change their exercise, mental and physical habits due to living in a happier, safer, cleaner and quieter community.    Continue reading

Public Health Staff Should Attend the 20mph & Health Conference on 8 March in Birmingham

20mph limits tackle many public health issues including street safety, physical exercise, obesity, coronary heart disease and more. Public Health staff are strongly encouraged to attend the 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference on Weds 8th March 2017. Health and slower speed experts will discuss best practice, innovation, research and cost effectiveness.  20mph limits are healthy and affordable.  Councillors set local speeds Continue reading

20mph Success in Kent - Swale's Joint Transportation Board Unanimously Agree Wide 20mph limits

20mph limits have been unanimously agreed by 11 Councillors on Swale’s Joint Transportation Board in Kent. The vote was won on 19th December.  All Councillors supported 20mph for built up areas of Faversham and to widen its benefits to the Borough of Swale. 20’s Plenty for Faversham and Kent are celebrating this success. Continue reading

20's Plenty for Healthier Places

The 20’s Plenty for Healthier Places Conference will be on Weds 8th March 2017 in Birmingham, near New Street station in the Council’s banqueting suite. Experts on speed reduction will cover health-themed best practice, innovation, research, policy and cost effectiveness. Please save the date, list it in your listings and invite Councillors and Public Health Directors. Continue reading

Isle of Wight Full Council Vote For 20mph limits

20mph limits have been voted on at Full Council on the Isle of Wight. The 20mph vote was won on Wednesday 19th October.  80% of Councillors supported 20mph for built up areas. Councillor Julie Jones-Evans’ motion called for 20mph limits for “'residential streets, town and village centres, and where people work and learn.”   Open PDF Continue reading