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Portsmouth, Oxford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington, Hackney, Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, Warrington, Southwark, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Lancashire, Chichester, Glasgow City, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton & Hove, Middlesbrough, Camden, Waltham Forest, City of London, Greenwich, Wigan, Rochdale, Otley, Bury, Bolton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Lewisham, Coventry

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Many local authorities have decided that their communities want 20 mph as the default for their residential streets. The question for LA's is not "whether" they will implement it but "how".

The recent DfT Speed Limit Circular in Jan 2013 completely revised the previous guidance set in 2006.

And the recent update to the guidelines now advocates 20 mph for most residential streets and endorses the authority-wide 20 mph implementations similar to Portsmouth.

The following local authorities are pressing ahead with 20 mph limits for their residents :-

North Tyneside Council has made orders for 20mph speed limits in several local estates, as part of a programme to cut road casualties. The limit will apply to nearly 80 roads, a number of them near schools. Extensive consultations have been carried out with residents and the police. Enforcement measures vary: some streets have no traffic calming features, whilst speed cushions and humps have been installed or are planned for others. www.northtyneside.gov.uk

Oxford City Council has now converted all its residential roads to 20mph.

Bristol now has nearly of third of the city set at 20 mph as its maximum speed and is planning to role it out across the whole city.

Colchester has decided that it wants all of its residential streets to set a speed of 20 mph.

Warrington has trialled a 20 mph speed limit across the whole of Orford, Longford and Hulme districts as part of its implementation of a default 20 mph speed limit. It is now rolling it out across the whole town.

London Borough of Islington has all its residential streets to 20 mph limits.

London Borough of Southwark is now "infilling" any residential streets not already set at 20 mph.

Wirral announced in Feb 2010 that it will be phasing in 20 mph on all its residential streets.

Worthing Council has unanimously voted for all of its residential streets to be 20mph.

Bodmin town council has agreed a 20mph limit

Lancashire has decided that every residential road should have a default limit of 20mph by 2013.

Edinburgh has agreed a 20mph limit on most of the South part of the city.

Bath & north East Somerset has already started wide area 20mph roll-out in Bath

Cambridge has agreed the roll-out of 20mph for most residential roads

Brighton & Hove have just conducted a major review of 20 mph limits for their towns. The asked for a submission from 20's Plenty for us. You can download the reports as follows :-

Our submission

Their report

Evidence presented from other people and organisations Part 1, Part 2.

Other local authorities are :-

Middlesbrough, Darlington, Wigan, Greenwich, Waltham Forest, York, Glasgow and Southwark


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