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Portsmouth, Oxford, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Islington, Hackney, Bristol, Bath & NE Somerset, Warrington, Southwark, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Lancashire, Chichester, Glasgow City, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton & Hove, Middlesbrough, Camden, Waltham Forest, City of London, Greenwich, Wigan, Rochdale, Otley, Bury, Bolton, Nottingham, Birmingham, Lewisham, Coventry

Latest News Hear the Interview with 20's Plenty Founder, Rod King MBE


We would be delighted for you to contact us by phone, email or letter :-

Rod King
Founder & Campaign Director

07973 639781

[email protected]



Slow down – Rod King of the 20’s Plenty campaign in the town with borough councillors Julie Young and Dave Harris

Rod meeting Colchester Councillors Dave Harris and Julie Young

20's Plenty for Us
The Rosebank Centre
Pepper Street
WA13 0JG
Anna Semlyen
Campaign Manager

07572 120439

[email protected]


Anna in her home street where she campaigned for a 20 mph speed limit.

20's Plenty for Us
24 Grange Street
YO10 4BH
Jeremy Leach
London Campaign Co-ordinator

07415 243015

[email protected]

20's Plenty for Us
28 Sutherland Square
SE17 3EQ



For further details please email us at [email protected] or see our contact details here