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Firstly traffic authorities have the power to introduce 20 mph speed limits and zones without obtaining consent from the Secretary of State.

Speed Zones refer to a collection of streets with a 20 mph limit whilst Speed Limits are set for individual roads. Some local authorities have set 20 mph speed limits on a number of individual roads so creating a blanket coverage of residential areas with a 20 mph speed limit.

Whilst 20 mph speed zones do require some sort of traffic calming, this need not be physical. There is no mandatory requirement for speed bumps. Build-outs, road marking, signs and rumble strips can all be used to calm traffic speeds in 20 mph speed zones.

20 mph speed zones are indicated by specially designed zone entry and exit signs.

On the other hand, 20 mph Speed Limits can be introduced without any form of traffic calming. In many cities and towns they are being increasing used across the whole area. Whilst not as effective as 20mph speed zones they can still produce significant lowering of speeds over a wide area for very little cost. Compliance is increased by publicity, driver awareness and community involvement. This can and does play a large part in self-enforcement.

20 mph speed limits are indicated by terminal speed limit signs and repeater signs at regular intervals along the roads. These are cheap and easy to install on lamp posts.

If your local authority is saying that speed bumps are required for 20 mph limits then it has not read the latest DfT guidelines.


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