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TRL Reports
SWOV Reports
A Safer Way

Here are some useful reports for reference. Most of them recommend 20 mph default speed limits in residential areas :-

DfT Circular 01/2013

Setting Local Speed Limits

View the report here

View the DfT webpage here including links to the Speed Limit assessment Tool

The latest guidance from DfT on Setting Local Speed Limits.
VTI - Environmental effects of 30 km/h in urban areas – with regard to exhaust emissions and noise View the summary here

Download the full report (in Swedish) here

A report from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute that compares the emissions for signed only contiguous areas of 30km/h speed limits with isolated calmed zones and concludes that the emissions are very dependent upon driving patterns with un-calmed limits being more effective in reducing emissions.
Perceptions and Realities: a closer look at the risks which children and young people face in Britain today and what we can do to reduce them A report from the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety This report concludes that the greatest risks to children are on the road and looks at ways government and other agencies should work together to reduce road danger. They specifically name 20mph streets as a recommendation.
20's Plenty FAQ for Local Authorities 20's Plenty for Us Information for Local Authorities regarding the implications of 20mph speed limits/zones
Coping with peak Oil Report by Bristol City Council The implications of Peak Oil for a city like BrisTol
20's Plenty Leaflet

20's Plenty leaflet Folded leaflet RTF Leaflet

Download our 4 page leaflet on 20's Plenty
Putting people at the centre: How to improve road safety in the 21st century Lecture by Fred Wegman

SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, The Netherlands

The 20th Westminster Lecture on Transport Safety
A Safer Way: Consultation on Making Britain's Roads the Safest in the World NEW DfT Consultation

DfT Consultation: Executive Summary

DfT Consultation: PowerPoint Presentation

Behave Yourself: Road Safety Policy in the 21st Century NEW PACTS : 2009 report on behavioural change on our roads  
Braking point - 20 mph speed limits in London NEW London Assembly report on 20 mph speed limits  
Transport Committee Report Transport Committee Report on Road Safety

Ending the Scandal of Complacency: Road Safety beyond 2010

20's Plenty Submission to Transport Committee Transport Committee Submission 20's Plenty For Us submission to UK Transport Committee Inquiry on Road Safety
Setting Local Speed Limits Dept for Transport Circular 1/2006

Setting Local Speed Limits

The recent  circular which specifies how Traffic Authorities should be setting local speed limits.
European Union
Kids on the move
EU document presenting the case for restoring the mobility of children through sharing our roads more equitably
European Union

Reclaiming city streets for people - Chaos or quality of life?

EU document identifying the issues effecting the quality of life in European cities and strategies to make them more friendly for people
European Union

National Policies to Promote Cycling

A 2004 comparison of national policies to encourage cycling across Europe
SUNflower report A 2002 comparative study of road safety development in Sweden, United Kingdom and Netherlands.
SUNflower report + 6 An updated 2005 report that includes 6 additional countries
Road Casualties in Britain 2008


Department for Transport

British Road Casualties 2008

the road accident statistics for 2008

Walking, cycling and transport safety: an analysis of child road deaths


Sonkin, Edwards, Roberts & Green

An examination of the trends in road death rates for child pedestrians, cyclists and car occupants.

Published by Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine - August 2006

Beyond 2010 - a holistic approach
to road safety in
Great Britain
Parliamentary Advisory Council
for Transport Safety - Final Report  - Summary
An examination of the trends in road safety and recommendation on how to create a better road environment in the future




Luc Int Panis Carolien Beckx and Steven Broekx

Download full report

Research from Belgium looking at the impact of 30 kph zones on vehicle emissions.
Effect of 20 mph traffic speed zones on road injuries in

London, 1986-2006: controlled interrupted time series



Grundy, Steinbach, Edwards, Green, Armstrong & Wilson

Download Article

BMJ Article

20 mph zones and Road Safety in London


Grundy, Steinbach, Edwards, Green, Armstrong & Wilson

Download Report

Full report to London Road Safety Unit

The Effect of 20 mph zones on Inequalities in Road Casualties in London


Grundy, Steinbach, Edwards, Green, Armstrong & Wilson


Download Report

Full report to London Road Safety Unit




Download Report

Paper by COSAIN (Community Road Safety Action & Information Network) of Galway on benefits from 30kph speed limits in Dublin

TRL Reports are from the Transport Research Laboratory

SWOV Reports are from the Dutch Road Safety Organisation and give a useful perspective on the approach taken in The Netherlands.


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