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Many police authorities are taking action against people found speeding in 20 mph limits.

There are some technical difficulties around enforcement on any short stretches of speed limit and the introduction of 20 mph limits on road lengths as little as 100m has meant that these could not be enforced.

However there are no such difficulties on longer stretches of speed limited road such as would be the case with default 20 mph in residential roads.

We have heard some police officers claiming that their equipment is not "type approved" for speeds of 20 mph. This may have applied to some older "radar" type detectors. The modern laser based systems are all "type approved" from 0 to 200+mph. Surely a sufficient range for a 20 mph speed limited road.

Police forces using such approved equipment may be found here.

Most importantly, 20mph speed limits are very much "community led and establishment endorsed". There is strong support from communities for lower speeds and with the recent increased police focus on community policing, police forces see that if accompanied by proper engagement and education with the public then 20mph limit can be enforced with a "light touch" and works within the long established British principle of "policing by consent".


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For assistance with any claims by police forces that 20 mph limits are not enforceable then please contact us.


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