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  • commented on How we help 2018-10-02 16:33:17 +0100
    We are the North Camp Support Group and are campaigning against a proposed widening of the major road into our small community( Lynchford Road, the A3011). The proposals are for a 4 lane dual carriageway most of the length of the road (apart from outside our fire station). Hampshire County Council`s stated aim is to provide for traffic to and from Farnborough Airfield, the many businesses at the Business Park, and the new Exhibition Centre. We say there are several other possible routes around the Airfield leading to the major routes around our area, but these have not been considered. The Council describes the proposals as improvements to the road, and as enhancing the environment of North Camp.
    We believe that the widening of this road will have really harmful effects on our community and are campaigning for public support for the plans to be deferred and alternatives explored.
    We should be grateful for any support you can give us. Many thanks