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With Manchester, Birmingham and City of London joining many of the UK’s other iconic cities (e.g. Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Lancaster, York, Brighton and many London Boroughs) there are now over 12m people living where a 20mph limit is agreed for most lit streets. With the DfT encouraging 20mph limits for residential streets it’s significant that repeater 20mph signs are a major cost of implementation.  Reluctance to buy unnecessary 20mph repeater signs is stalling some places from rolling out wide 20mph limits - a proven effective road safety policy. When most roads are set at 20mph, we say sign the few staying at 30mph! It would save millions of pounds, clutter and red-tape.

20’s Plenty for Us detects rising frustration in local authorities. Whilst central government asks for communities fit for 21st century aspirations for safety and active travel by implementing 20mph limits, at the same time, it requires outdated signage rules. Modernising signage regulations to save money and be effective is crucial. Councillors know that residents want public money spent intelligently. See our Press Release here.

Hence our 5th annual conference at Camden Town Hall on Feb 18th 2014 focussed on our "Time for 20" call that recognises that we are in  transition from a 20th century 30mph limit that in so many communities is blighting the public realm and creating obstacles to active travel and healthy lifestyles to a new era where local authorities look progressively at how they want to the streets as shared public assets for the benefit of the whole community.

With key speeches from major organisations involved in the debate, it  included case studies from local authorities already implementing wide-area 20mph limit across all their communities and workshops on best practice and issues for implementation.

Over 90 delegates attended the conference and represents the strong interest from local authorities and transport professionals.

The conference also included the announcement of the 20's Plenty for Us Campaigner of the Year. This was awarded to Sarah-Charlotte Peace for her campaign in Oswestry.

You can click on the links below to see the presentations of the speakers and watch the interview with Robert Goodwill.

09:00 Registration & Refreshments
Setting the Context
09:30 Cllr Phil Jones, London Borough of Camden Welcome and presentation on implementing 20mph limits for all Camden controlled roads
09:45 Dr. Nick Cavill, Advisor to Public Health England The impacts of 20mph limits on public health
10:00 Prof. Alan Tapp, University of West of England
Results of YouGov survey on attitudes to 20mph limits
10:15 Discussion
10:45 Refreshments
Setting the policy
11:15 Rod King MBE, Founder & Campaign Director 20's Plenty for Us including pre-recorded Q & A session with Robert Goodwill MP, Under Secretary of State for Transport "Time for 20" - Transitioning to 20mph limits being the norm for most of our urban realm
11:40 Graham Hanson, Head of Traffic Signs Policy DfT Traffic Signage Regulation Changes around 20mph Speed Limits
11:55 Iain Simmons, Head of Transportation for City of London and representing LoTAG Local Authority Technical Advisers Group view of "Time for 20"
12:10 Luana Bidasca, Policy Officer ETSC A European perspective on 20mph/30kmh limits
12:25 Discussion
12:50 20's Plenty for Us Campaigner of the Year Award  
13:00 Lunch
Practicalities of Implementation
14:00 Cllr Roger Symonds, Bath and NE Somerset Council Implementing 20mph limits in Bath
14:15 Andrew Preston, Project Delivery and Environment Manager Cambridge City Council Implementing 20mph limits in Cambridge
14:30 Allan Freinkel, CEO Startraq The opportunities for community speedwatch programs enhancing 20mph compliance
14:45 Ben Johnson, TfL Road Safety Senior Delivery Planning Manager Implementing 20mph limits on TfL roads
15:00 Geoff Collins, Sales & Marketing Director, Vysionics Speed cameras designed for 20mph limits
15:15 Discussion
15:45 Refreshments
Workshop sessions. Choose from:-
16:00 Anna Semlyen, Campaign Manager 20's Plenty for Us Engagement, Consultation, Measurement - balancing the resources and effect
  Alice Ferguson, CEO of Playing Out Child's Play and moving ownership of streets back to residents
  Jeremy Leach, London Campaign Co-ordinator, 20's Plenty for Us How London Boroughs are delivering 20mph limits
16:45 Conference close  


A report on the conference from journalist John Morrison may be downloaded here.


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