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Latest News Hear the Interview with 20's Plenty Founder, Rod King MBE


Our Campaign Briefings are designed to give you useful information to support the case for lower speed limits in your community.


20mph: Think BIG for BIG Results & Culture Change Many communities want a culture change in how public spaces are shared.  It takes a shift in thinking for BIG results - away from car dominance towards streets for people.  Wide-area 20mph limits are essential to move us in the right direction in our travel and exercise habits. Public Health and many other things improve at 20mph. Apr 15
Braking Distance Challenge: Speed Awareness Activity The Braking Distance Challenge is a fun, practical speed awareness game for all ages. Drivers can best visually learn by seeing the actual stopping distance differences between 20mph, 30mph and 40mph when laid out.  Ideal for parks, fairs and car free days, the game only requires some space, a few marker cones and participants to play it! Apr 15
Local Transport Today interview with 20's Plenty for Us founder Andrew Forster, editor of the UK’s Local Transport Today magazine, interviewed 20’s Plenty for Us founder, Rod King MBE. We reprint their article in its entirety. Apr 15
Our latest briefing on 20mph limits in London We provide an update on the state of 20mph adoption in London Boroughs Mar 15
20's Plenty's Annual Conference - A View from Berlin Visiting the “20’s Plenty for Us” Annual Conference in Cambridge. A European view from Heike Aghte Mar 15
Transitioning to 20mph as national urban limit Presentation made by Rod King at the "20mph It's Miles Better" conference, Cambridge, 12th Mar 2015 Mar 15
20mph for Human Rights to Freedom of Movement 20mph limits support our universal rights to freedom of movement, clean air and freedom from intimidation.  Authorities who civilise roads with 20mph limits care about public health and child protection. 20mph supports fairness and public sector equality duties. Mar 15
NICE Backs 20mph Speed Limit for Public Health

A new NICE review on tackling the causes of early death reminds Local Authorities that 20mph offers huge public health gains. At £3 per head of population, 20mph is cost effective as the recommended speed limit for child protection and to support public sector equality duties.

Feb 15
Winning with 20mph: Awards and Desirability Warrington has won 20mph awards and praise as has Brighton.  Bristol was voted ‘most desirable city’ in the UK. Cambridge, Britain’s innovation centre, also has 20mph limits.  The UK’s most celebrated places are winning prestigious prizes for 20mph. Feb 15
The 20mph Vision and Best Practice Implementation

Democratically create and agree a vision of 20mph streets. Then engage and implement it. Continue engaging about it with residents and enforce it for better driver compliance.

Dec 14
Lessons learnt on 20mph limit implementation

Hindsight informs future best practice. We ask “What could be done differently?” 20mph implementers have shared their experience in a Brake webinar and with 20’s Plenty for Us.

Nov 14
We love our safer 20mph limits

We’re celebrating 20mph. People love 20mph limits as they are proven safer and healthier. 20mph is nearly fatality-free (3% vs 20% fatalities at 30mph). Both UK results and published literature says we are better protected on 20mph streets. Those who care want 20mph limits.

Nov 14
Time for 20mph Limits Across Central London like Paris London is lagging behind Paris and other capitals on road speed policy. To stay competitive for tourists and to increase quality of life for residents and workers, it’s time for a 20mph speed limit across Central London Oct 14
Public Health wants 20mph Limits

Public Health leaders are increasingly identifying wide-area 20mph limits as key for liveability & health equality. Speed reduction tackles risk, inactivity, obesity, isolation & is child, disability, elderly & dementia friendly.

May 14
Busting the 20mph Limit Myths Here we "bust" all the 20mph myths that opponents so often use as an argument against implementing an appropriate limit for residential, urban and village streets Apr 14
Older People Deserve 20mph Limits

Does your Local Authority value older people? Vulnerability due to slow to heal injuries, delayed reactions, slower movements, instability and eye problems mean that older people gain a lot from 20mph limits.

Mar 14
Are DfT Guidelines on 20mph being misrepresented by your shire county

In its latest guidance the DfT is very supportive of 20mph limits, yet some shire county 20mph policies do not reflect this.

Mar 14
Engagement is more cost effective than consultation on 20mph

The aim of 20mph limits is slower speeds. High compliance is gained by positive engagement rather than just asking resident’s views.

Feb 14

20mph Healthy Roads, Safer, Active, Fitter People, Health Equality and more.


Healthy roads have slow speed limits.  Roads and pavements make up most of the public realm.  Wide 20mph limits affordably and effectively tackle fear, injury risks, child protection, obesity and health inequalities whilst raising fitness through active travel.


Jan 14
Tourists want 20mph limits for sightseeing

Attracting visitors, ideally arriving by public transport, brings prosperity. Tourists often sightsee by walking around. Visitor numbers rise when the public realm is improved by safer, nicer streets. As with pedestrianisation, 20mph limits attract walkers. With less danger, footfall rises as do profits. Cyclist numbers increase too.

Nov 13
Wide area 20mph limits help children and families

Children and families are big winners from slower speeds. Wide 20mph limits help parents and children to get around locally. Less danger or parent ‘taxi-duty’ and more walking and cycling means healthier, happier families with extra money to spend.

Oct 13
20mph limits are an ideal doorstep campaign

Door stepping is key to canvassing local opinion. Election candidates and resident’s associations are recommended to ask if wide-area, default 20mph limits are popular. 20mph is an affordable pledge that all ages can support. It’s a deliverable promise for a better community.

Sep 13
20mph Limits are a "multi-agency" Win With limited budgets it's crucial for public agencies to maximise value. Collaborating on 20mph limits brings lasting behaviour change and safer, quality streets. Jul 13
Total 20 - Getting it Right Our 2-page guide that takes all our experience of the best ways to maximise compliance and benefits to make the best use of fundng Jun 13
Wide 20mph Limits are Effective This 2-page briefing sets out the wide evidence that 20mph limits are beneficial to communities. May 13
Police and Road Danger - Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem? ACPO have always been "soft" on the policing of 20mph limits. Its time for them recognise that their lack of commitment encourages speeding. As our January briefing below points out they need to be "part of the solution"! Mar 13
Total 20 - a key intervention to
Get Britain Cycling
Our briefing sheet for the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group when we gave evidence on 6th Feb 2013 Feb 13
Raising Compliance and the role of enforcement 20mph limits are much more than mere "Signs on Sticks", See how compliance is a factor of multi-agency involvement. Jan 13
Councils can afford 20mph limits Installing 20 mph limits is primarily a capital spend and has little bearing on council services or jobs. 20 mph limits are an affordable, best value policy with exceptional rates of return. Dec 12
Our guide to road casualty mapping We show you how to get on-line casualty information for your street or area. Dec 12
Support for 20mph limits is strong and rising We present the feedback from around the country on both pre- and post- implementation support from communities for 20mph limits. Dec 12
20mph Limits encourage walking and cycling How 20mph limits make a real change in how communities share the roads for more vulnerable users. (updated) Nov 12
Businesses profit from 20mph limits We examine the benefits to businesses who currently pick up the bill for casualties and danger on our streets Nov 12
20mph Limits for Villages Many villages are having their speed limit set at 20mph (including A roads) by progressive authorities who understand the value of liveable villages Nov 12
20mph Limits for Public Health With responsibility for Public Health moving to Local Authorities, this briefing makes the case for wide area 20mph schemes Nov 12
20's Plenty for the Environment How 20mph limits reduces pollution through calmer driving and enables more people to choose to walk or cycle. Sep 12
How Scrutiny Panels endorse 20mph limits How local government scrutiny panels around the country have come out in favour of 20mph citing it as "best value". Aug 12
20mph Limits for Liveability How 20mph limits and lower speeds increase the liveability in our communities Jul 12
20mph Limits - How you can help Our leaflet showing some of the ways you can help to get 20mph limits where you live. Jun 12
20mph Limits Save Time and Improve Traffic Flow How 20mph limits are a benefit in terms of traffic flow and reduced congestion Jun 12
20's Plenty for 8m people The number of people living in local authorities committed to 20mph limits now reaches 8m May 12
30kph - Good for UK, Good for EU An update on a previous report on the case for 30kph limits as a standard across Europe May 12
Wide 20mph limits - A Winning Opportunity An article from the C'llr magazine on 20mph limits from an elected representative perspective Apr 12
Funding for 20mph Limits There are many sources to fund 20mph limits. here are some of the ways that local authorities are funding them. Mar 12
Don't blame the pedestrians! How easy is it to cross roads, and who is to blame when pedestrians die. Mar 12
20mph Guidance Anomalies in Scotland This reviews the guidance in Scotland which for 20mph limits dates from 2001 Jan 12
ACPO, 20's Plenty for US and 20mph Limits Report on a meeting between 20's Plenty for Us and ACPO representatives to discuss 20mp limits Jan 12
How 20mph limits benefit the police Police forces have much to gain from 20mph speed limits on residential roads. Nov 11
How 20mph limits benefit taxi drivers Taxis also benefit from 20mph limits - drivers, customers and operators Oct 11
How 20mph limits benefits bus operators 20mph limits are a great opportunity for bus operators to provide better services for customers and lower fuel costs Sep 11
20mph limits are positive vote winners 20mph limits are supported by a large majority of the public and provide an excellent opportunity for politicians to deliver what people want. Sep 11
Selling the Positive 20mph Limit Benefits A new sheet showing how Social marketing methods should be used to promote 20's Plenty Sep 11
Presenting the case Presenting the case for 20mph limits to different professionals Oct 10
20mph Limits prevent and reduce disability Detailing how lower speeds can greatly effect disability in an aging population Sep 11
How school safety zones are not a priority! Explains how isolated, expensive schemes around schools without wide area 20mph limits actually encourage inactive travel and fail to provide best value in protecting children Jun 11
30kph - Good for UK and good for Europe Puts the case for the recommendation of 30kph (20mph) limits as the default for residential streets across the EU. Also see Press Release when EU parliament agreed. May 11
20mph limits are 7 times more effective than isolated 20mph zones Explains the cost comparisons between 20mph limits and 20mph zones with physical calming to show that limits are far more effective per pound. Jan 11
10 ways that 20mph limits benefit drivers Drivers will save money, be healthier and greener when authorities adopt community-wide default 20 mph limits. Dec 10
20mph limits improve air quality Many people assume that at lower speeds extra fuel is used and more pollution created. In fact the reverse is true. That’s why "Total 20", without traffic calming, is supported by so many environmental organisations. Oct 10


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