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  • commented on 20mph win for Seattle and 30km/h News from Europe 2023-10-19 23:34:29 +0100
    If it means streets will be safer for bicyclists and pedestrians on Seattle streets, then I’m willing to sacrifice having a longer commute to work in the morning. Besides, driving under 30mph is better for the longevity of vehicles as well. I’m from London UK where, from my experience, people drive a lot better than down here in Seattle, but I moved here to support my brother who does roof cleaning and pressure washing in Seattle at https://www.rojomossremoval.com/ and while he thinks 20mph is too slow for some roads I’m trying to help him understand.

    So keep up the great work, 20’s Plenty! And cheers!
    Jannet, Seattle WA
    #twentysplenty #seattle