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  • commented on Form a campaign 2016-08-12 16:22:42 +0100
    Hello, I live in the small mid-Essex town of Witham (CM8). We seem to have a growing problem with drivers whizzing round the town at speeds well in excess of 30mph. Yesterday someone got hit by a car (driver arrested for dangerous driving and not stopping at the scene of an accident), and today there were press reports of a cyclist being knocked off and I saw a 2 car smash at about 6:15 this morning!

    I have found out that Essex County Council would be responsible for establishing a 20mph speed limit in our town and am trying to get them to tell what the process is for establishing it. In the meantime it would be useful to know how you could help.

    For the record, I’m not anti-car as I am a driver as well as a cyclist and pedestrian.

    All the best

    Steve Rowley