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  • commented on For campaigners 2016-06-15 09:05:39 +0100
    In Sheffield, I have been trying to get the council to address the road I live on in particular because it has a hospital, 2 nurseries and an Infant school on it. There is one lane of traffic as the other side is mostly parked cars, there’s sharp corners lacking visibility in both directions to the school, it’s used as a ‘rat run’ and people seem to decide their own speed. I’ve been told there’s no way that we will get 20mph traffic calming anytime soon -years. I’ve been told that roads are assessed on the amount of accidents, so we have to have a serious accident for the council to change its list of priorities. I’ve been told that there’s nothing that can be done and well meaning Councillors have their hands tied – I need your help! We have a petition ongoing with a few hundred signatures. The school is actively trying to raise awareness.