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  • published NHS Donations in 20's Plenty for the NHS 2020-04-06 19:43:43 +0100

    NHS Donations

    If you wish to make a donation towards our campaign to support the doctors call for a national emergency 20mph limit then please use this form.


  • published NHS Wheelie Bin Sticker Campaign in 20's Plenty for the NHS 2020-04-06 12:03:22 +0100

    NHS Wheelie Bin Sticker Campaign

    Our Wheelie Bin Sticker campaign has been a huge success with tens of thousands being bought by campaigners and showing streets where residents clearly say that 20 is Plenty.

    We are now doing the same with our 20's Plenty for the NHS campaign and have designed a new stickers where you can show your support for the call by doctors for a emergency national urban 20mph limit.

    By choosing the right size (35cm x 25cm) we have managed to optimise material costs and can now supply for as little as 50p each plus post and packing.

    Our new 20's Plenty for the NHS sticker


    Prices for the stickers are:-

    Quantity Sticker price each Post and Packing Total Price
    10 £1.00 £5 £15
    50 £0.70 £10 £45
    100 £0.65 £15 £80
    200 £0.50 £25 £125

    Simply click on the appropriate payment amount above left for the quantity you require and we will deliver the stickers within the week.


  • published 20's Plenty for the NHS 2020-04-08 20:00:55 +0100

    20's Plenty for the NHS

    Today, April 9th, sees the launch of a national campaign supported by leading doctors to call upon the UK Government to demand 20mph as an Emergency National Urban Limit. We all want to help the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis. The doctors that we are relying on have called on the UK Government to change the national speed limit to 20mph from 30mph. They are clear that setting a 20mph speed limit will reduce pressure on the NHS now and for the future. 20’s Plenty for Us, the national campaign for 20mph limits with 460 local community campaigns, is supporting our doctors’ calls for the UK Government to act now.

    There has never been a more urgent time for Government action to protect the NHS from having to treat preventable road casualties, so keeping resources and beds free for Covid-19 patients. Setting a national 20mph limit is an affordable, practical and cost-effective step that the UK Government is able to take to help the NHS and support our doctors at this critical time.

    Doctors have named their campaign ‘lower the baseline’ load on the NHS  

    Dr Robert Hughes (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine) and 109 other doctors wrote in the Times on 25th March

    “..each month there are nearly 3,000 road traffic collision-related admissions to NHS hospitals in England alone.  Lowering and enforcing speed limits would reduce the frequency and severity of road traffic collisions.” 

    A British Medical Journal blog[1] by population health expert Prof. Sunil Bhopal on 24th March said

    “First, we suggest an immediate reduction in motor vehicle speed limits. In England alone there are around 35,000 non-fatal admissions to hospital every year related to road traffic accidents; … In Canada, lowering the speed limit from 40km/h to 30km/h (20mph) was associated with a 28% decrease in pedestrian-motor vehicle collisions and a 67% decrease in major and fatal injuries. We therefore suggest that the government urgently explore an emergency reduction of all national speed limits to 50mph, and to 20mph in urban areas.”

    Rod King MBE, Founder and Campaign Director of 20’s Plenty for Us said

    “It is in the Government’s power and interest to change all 30mph limits to 20mph by making appropriate public announcements, without any need to change road signs. The precedent already exists to change national speed limits in an emergency. The Government changed national speed limits in the 1974 fuel crisis to save petrol and it must do this in the 2020 Covid-19 crisis to save lives. This move will match the mood all of us to do everything possible for our NHS resources and staff.”

    Note :- Driving less fast prevents collisions and reduces the numbers and severity of road victims the NHS has to care for at this critical time. In 2019 the Welsh Government started planning a national 20mph policy. In February 2020, the UK signed up to an enforced 20mph national speed limit in the ‘Stockholm Declaration’ of global best practice[2] for speeds in built-up areas.

    20’s Plenty can arrange spokespeople calling for the change: Dr Robert Hughes, Prof Sunil Bhopal and Rod King MBE. Also available are: Prof Adrian Davis, Edinburgh Napier University  and Dr. Sarah Jones, Public Health Wales. Contact Rod King at or 07973 639781 for interviews with spokespeople

    More at




    Open PDF

    This section of our website is dedicated to our 20's Plenty for the NHS campaign.


  • published NHS Voxpops in 20's Plenty for the NHS 2020-04-05 20:49:10 +0100

    NHS Voxpops

    Our campaign in support of doctors is very much one with public backing. Here we show videos from people  around the country saying why they support the doctors in their call for an emergency national 20mph urban limit. You can share a video on social media just by clicking on the paper dart symbol when you hover over a video. Please do.

    If you would like to record a video for adding your support then please email us as and we will provide instructions.

    Dr Adrian Davis

    Alice Berendt

    Dr Claire Mason

    Peter Goodman

    Danny Dorling

    Sandra Lane

    Luca Machado

    Louise Berendt

    Matthew Snedker

    Florence Trotter

    Paul Holdsworth

    Kevin Ambrose

    Anna Barford

    Vincent Walsh

    Adrian Berendt

    Rosie Semlyen

    Prof Alan Tapp

    Wyn Holroyd

    Cathy Harrington

    Marieke de Jonge

    Jane McCourt

    Kate Thomson

    Jeremy Leach

    Anna Semlyen

    Rod King MBE


  • We Support Emergency 20mph Limit to ‘Lower the Baseline’ NHS Load

    See our microsite dedicated to to supporting the call by doctors to lower the urban speed limit from 30mph to 20mph at  It includes Voxpops, FAQs, Supporters, etc

    The Covid-19 crisis is severely straining our medical services and economy. As well as increasing medical capacity, doctors are calling to “lower the baseline” of NHS demand for preventable reasons like road crashes by rapid introduction of public health policies.  Medical experts want emergency measures to reduce speed limits.  20’s Plenty for Us support their urgent requests for 20mph limits in built up areas to help the NHS and economy by saving hospital beds and resources[1].



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  • No, 20mph limits won’t solve the Covid-19 Crisis…but

    The current Covid-19 Crisis is of major concern and governments are looking at ways to protect their population and reduce the number of deaths from this new threat. We are not advocating 20mph limits as a cure, but we believe there is good evidence of how communities already implementing strong 20mph and 30km/h policies can better protect the public in such a crisis.

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  • published 20’s Plenty News March 2020 in Briefing Sheets 2020-03-21 14:58:01 +0000

    20’s Plenty News March 2020

    We know corona virus has made face to face activism hard. Yet the need to reduce speeds still exits. Tactics will evolve.  There’s plenty of good news on places respecting road users by going 20mph.

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  • 20mph and 30km/h limits mandated by Global Ministers

    Global Road Safety Experts and Ministers from 130 countries adopted the “Stockholm Declaration” at a road safety conference on 20th February. It requires 30km/h (20mph) limits where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix - for safety, air quality and climate action.

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  • published So You Want …Sustainable Transport? in Briefing Sheets 2020-02-15 15:11:21 +0000

    So You Want …Sustainable Transport?

    Is increasing sustainable transport, like dieting,  as simple as asking individuals to drive less and exercise more?  No! Travel structures and societal norms don’t fully support the healthier choices as we’re afraid of injuries and dirty air. Politicians must prioritise road safety to nudge people’s travel choices. 30kph/20mph limits are foundational for mode shift from private car use to feet, cycles and public transport.

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  • published 20’s Plenty News Feb 2020 in Briefing Sheets 2020-02-04 16:08:31 +0000

    20’s Plenty News Feb 2020

    UK Places - Glasgow unanimously voted for a Total 20 policy for almost 600,000 residents. £4.35M will make the vast majority of its network 20mph. Birmingham is raising the proportion of its roads that are 20mph to 90%. Kingston upon Thames is consulting on wide area 20mph. Leeds announced almost every inner-city road will go 20mph. London’s TfL will make every road it controls (the Red Routes) inside the Congestion Charge 20mph by May 2020. We await consultation results from the City of Westminster for every road they manage to go 20mph.

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  • published County-Wide Campaigning in Briefing Sheets 2020-02-03 21:31:35 +0000

    County-Wide Campaigning

    County-wide campaigns are when 20’s Plenty branches across a highway authority area jointly call for 20mph limits.  Rather than compete for funds, campaigns work together for the policy commitment to giving all built up areas wide 20mph limits.  Unity is powerful and it’s the most cost-effective policy.

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  • commented on The Climate Emergency – 20mph Reduces Emissions, helps traffic reduction and reduces oil dependency. 2020-01-17 15:52:52 +0000
    Hi Christine. We don’t advocate speed bumps. It seems rather a course way to communicate with drivers. We prefer “hearts and minds” rather than “buttocks and spines”. But the load on suspensions from speed bumps is actually proportional to the speed someone drives over them. So maybe just driving over them at their design speed is preferable to testing out the suspension unnecessarily.

  • 20mph/30kmh limits to be mandated by Global Ministers

    Ministers from around the world meet to adopt the “Stockholm Declaration” at a conference[1] in February which includes commitment to 30kmh (20mph) speed limits where vulnerable road users and vehicles mix.


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  • published So You Want …Traffic Reduction? in Briefing Sheets 2019-12-22 18:29:39 +0000

    So You Want …Traffic Reduction?

    20mph reduces the power imbalance between road users so some drivers can choose to drive less far or less often.  It also smooths traffic flow. Independent travel by the young and vulnerable groups rises too.

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  • commented on 20mph is Key to Vision Zero. No Fatal or Serious Injuries 2019-11-22 09:57:44 +0000
    Note that a commitment to Vision Zero has been included in election manifestos from the Green and Labour Parties :-

    Green Party :-
    “Civilise our streets by making Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (in which rat-running is blocked) the norm for residential areas and making 20 miles per hour the default speed limit.”

    Page 17 of the Green Party Manifesto.

    Labour Party :-
    “We will adopt an ambitious Vision Zero approach to UK road safety, striving for zero deaths and serious injuries. Labour will invest to make our neglected local roads, pavements and cycleways safer for the everyday journeys of both drivers and vulnerable road users.

    Page 21 of Labour Party Manifesto

  • 20’s Plenty for Chester and Richmond Groups Win 20mph Campaign Awards

    20’s Plenty for Chester and Richmond groups have both won National 20’s Plenty Campaign Awards for 2019. Each did exceptional voluntary work with perseverance and success.

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  • commented on Costs of Separated Cycle Infrastructure Are Mostly Due to Allowing 30mph Driving – 20mph is Plenty 2019-09-23 21:55:10 +0100
    We have no objections to segregated, protected cycle paths. Please continue to campaign for them.

  • How to Persuade Your Council to Update its 20mph Policy

    If your council’s policy doesn’t yet support wide area 20mph signed limits, then an update to align it with public health best practice is needed. How? Tactics include calling for a best practice update to the Cabinet Member for Transport, Leader, Director of Public Health, scrutiny or in manifestos.

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  • published 20’s Friendly and Builds Community in Briefing Sheets 2019-09-06 09:53:05 +0100

    20’s Friendly and Builds Community

    A connected, friendly society flourishes in places where it feels safe to chat or play. People, especially families and elderly, connect outside more easily by slowing down traffic or diverting it away.  20mph is a friendly limit - it raises liveability and quality of life. It’s key to healthy streets. 30mph is isolating.

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  • published A letter from a campaigner to a councillor in Blog 2019-08-31 21:28:07 +0100

    A letter from a campaigner to a councillor

    This is the email sent by our campaigner Rita Antonelli in Ashtead, Surrey to a local councillor. We think it shows an excellent example of the work done by our campaigners across the country.

    Thanks to Rita for allowing us to use her email.

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