Action a Public Health & Road Safety Plan with 20mph

Road casualties, especially of vulnerable people, are rising[1]. 20’s Plenty for Us say we must change our attitudes to sharing the public spaces we call roads. 20mph is a popular tool for more fairness with safety and quality of life benefits.  20’s Plenty ask authorities to state their vision for public health and transport and to action default 20mph limits. [1] Continue reading

Are 20mph repeaters a relic of the 1990’s?

With the majority of largest 40 urban authorities adopting 20mph as the limit for most roads, isn’t it time we just put limit repeater reminders on the 30mph roads? This would hugely reduce costs and enable wider implementation in line with community and government objectives. Continue reading

Is York’s transport cabinet member’s idea to raise residential limits 50% from 20mph to 30mph desirable, deliverable or even legal? - It disadvantages the disabled, elderly and children

Setting speed limits may not be done at the whim of an individual councillor and must follow due process democratically and in line with the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 and national DfT guidance. The idea of raising speeds by 50% from 20mph to 30mph is contrary to elected representative duties under child protection, public sector equality and disability discrimination. In our opinion it would be illegal. Continue reading

Honours for Key 20’s Plenty Partners

Three key partner organisations of 20’s Plenty for Us are celebrating Queen’s Honours for their staff.  Sustrans, Living Streets and the CTC all support 20mph and campaign for slower speeds as a foundation for active, healthy and sustainable travel. Congratulations to our sustainable transport friends!  Continue reading

Is "30k OK" as the default speed limit for urban and village roads in Ireland?

Having been invited to the Road Safety Authority conference on Child Safety (02/04/15) to talk about the success of the 20’s Plenty 20mph campaign and adoption in the UK, Rod King MBE reflects on how a similar 30km/h limit could be set in Ireland. Continue reading

Myra James from Calderdale is awarded 20mph Campaigner of the Year

Calderdale’s Myra James was announced as 20’s Plenty for Us National Campaigner of the year at the 20mph Conference on 12 March.  It recognises her successful volunteering to win 20mph limits across Calderdale’s streets. Continue reading

20mph National Urban Limit: A Plan for Total 20 by 2020

With most of the UK’s largest councils having rejected the “national 30mph limit” as unfit for purpose, its time for DfT to stop imposing unnecessary 20mph repeater signs as if they were exceptions.  The DfT should announce a transition plan to a national 20mph norm to save millions Continue reading

See Previous Press Releases

All our previous Press releases are below:- Continue reading

World Health Organisation say 20's Plenty

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) new Pedestrian Safety report endorses area-wide lower speed limits.  It is top level, conclusive proof that signed 20mph limits are effective.   Continue reading