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  • commented on Take Action 2019-04-03 19:09:04 +0100
    Hi Yvonne :)
    We are just now actionjng with stickers on our fast narrow road that has tiny pavement – unfortunately our local council are making the inner town area ( which we are happy about) but ignoring a road immediately out of this zone which really Is more dangerous !

    Get public to phone police 101 to report accident and get reference number – the council get monthly traffic reports so they can then have HARD evidence to not wiggle on! Anecdotal evidence ( ie writing directly to your transport department and local councillor with the incidents is helpful too to create a paper trail ) but 101 is very needful too!

    We had a resident donate 70 stickers and between us we have given them out – also involve your local paper – do a local petition asking for action and give reasons why !

    Get a meeting with your local
    Council to raise it as a Cause of local concern – showing them evidences and petitions etc.

    Councils can be hard work – but people power does work !!