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  • commented on 20's Plenty for London Update - Sep 16 2017-05-30 23:02:05 +0100
    You are the people doing more to slow down this nation than anybody else. There is more to this insidious campaign than just limiting speed – this is anti car politics at its worst. The UK managed falling casualties on the roads without slowing down to a crawl – now we can’t go more than 20mph anyway because of the network of suspension breaking humps and speed tables and the jams caused by the cycle lanes all because of this enlightened genius known as Rod King MBE. And I ask you all today, members of 20s plenty, what have you achieved? Are the roads really safer than they would have been, has congestion fallen? Has anything been achieved by 20’s plenty. No! You are wasting your valuable time with this campaign and no, Westminster will never have a borough wide 20mph limit – for the sake of ECONOMIC GROWTH – not the NANNY STATE and some LYCRA LOUT cyclists! 20’s UTTERLY POINTLESS.