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    Already over 15m people live in local authorities which are adopting or have adopted this policy. Most importantly, through democratic debate those communities have decided that "20's Plenty Where People Live". And it is those same communities who have then changed their behaviour to drive slower in residential streets and where people walk and cycle.

    20's Plenty for Us is a 'not for profit' organisation and now have nearly 400 local campaigns around the country and many of our most iconic cities in the UK have already adopted a 20mph limit for most of their streets.

    We quite simply campaign for 20mph to become the default speed limit on residential and urban streets. This can be done on most streets without the need for any physical calming and we accept that on some streets it may be appropriate to have a higher limit based on the road, vulnerable road users provision, etc. But any limit above 20mph should be a considered decision based on local circumstances.

    If you are viewing this page then you have found our new website with which we will be building a resource for campaigners and people implementing 20mph limits as well. And it's here that you can set up an account and sign in to get updates, etc. You can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter or Email.

    We also have our legacy site at if there is any further info or, contact us

    Rod King MBE

    Founder & Campaign Director

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